Comments From Hunters

Carlos Pinho With Very Nice Buck!

From Moose Hunter, Carlos Pinho

I searched high and low on the internet to find an instructional video to teach hunters how to call moose. I just wanted to thank you for putting together an awesome video that made this year’s moose hunt experience an awesome one for me.

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Shawn Church's One Antlered 2009 Bull

From Moose Hunter, Shawn Church

Hi Alex. My wife purchased your Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series for me for Christmas last year. I have been trying to call moose for about the last 15 years with absolutely no success. This year, thanks to your video coaching, I called in a large bull moose on the very first day of hunting

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From Moose Hunter, Konrad Bakalarczyk

Always having a hunger for moose hunting knowledge, I purchased your Moose Madness Series when it was first released. While I have bow hunted moose for many years, your Series filled in the blanks and answered questions I have had for a long time….I recommend the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series to all new and seasoned moose hunters.

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Jesse Voight's Bull Moose

From Moose Hunter, Jesse Voight

Alex: Thought I would share our results from our first moose hunt.
3 Hunters
2 bull tags
0 experience Moose hunting , 0 Guides
Unseasonably warm weather (75 degrees for 8 straight days)
4 months of watching the ‘Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series’ over and over!

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Dr. Mike Halsor

From Moose Hunter, Dr. Mike Halsor

Over the years, I think I have accumulated every moose hunting video ever produced. Your 4-DVD Moose-Madness Series is without a doubt the most complete and informative video series on moose hunting & calling. In my opinion it is must-see video for anyone interested in moose hunting, whether it be with gun or bow. Thank you!

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Jamie's Hunt 2 - 2009

From Moose Hunters Jamie MacMullin, Allan MacMullin & Bruce Barter

I been hunting moose in Newfoundland for over 30 years and I got to say your ability to call moose is amazing. I guided moose hunters in Newfoundland and was in on a lot of other hunts over the years but this year’s hunt in Cape Breton ranks # 1 in my books. Since the hunt I have watched your ‘Moose Madness ‘Quick-Fix’ For The Hunter’ four times and learn something new each time I watch it…

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Pit Turenne & Patrick Trudel With 2014 Bull

From Moose Hunter, Patrick Trudel

Hi Alex,
“Your mastery of calling (more like moose-whispering) the largest land mammal in North America is undeniable. The four-disc Moose Madness Series educated me in all aspects of communication with these massive animals.

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From Moose Hunter, Jay St Onge

In fact the Moose Madness videos’ were instrumental in me calling in a Washington Shiras Moose for my hunting partner in 2007. The knowledge learned from these video’s were the key to success in that hunt; and, while putting your techniques into practice on this hunt, we also developed a pretty good understanding of Moose behavior. It was a great hunt.

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From Moose Hunter, Bob Pearce

Alex has the happy knack of being able to combine his personal experiences with those of his hunting partners to fashion outdoor instructional videos that reflect many, many years of cumulative experience. He never stops learning himself and his ‘Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling’ is truly comprehensive. The techniques & tactics taught work, and this Series is a ‘must purchase’ for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to learn about moose for pure pleasure or photography purposes, and especially for the hunter who wants to become ‘expert’ in moose hunting & calling.

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From Moose Hunter, Jim Sargent

After studying him for about 15 minutes I decided I wanted him and took the shot. It was a hunting moment I’ll never forget. I like to think that my calling and thrashing tactics learned from the Moose Madness videos located those five bulls and kept them around.

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