Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario


35 Konrad Bakalarczyk's Nice Bull.jpgI thought you would be interested in a video of our 2009 moose. A long series of “roaring” from one bull to another, the kill, and some unexpected action after the kill. The big bull was 56 1/4″ and should score high in Ontario.

Always having a hunger for moose hunting knowledge, I purchased your Moose Madness Series when it was first released. While I have bow hunted moose for many years, your Series filled in the blanks and answered questions I have had for a long time. My hunting partners Dale Tucker & Mike Siklosi and I have benefited greatly from your years of experience and knowledge of moose hunting and moose behaviour. I recommend the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series to all new and seasoned moose hunters.


Konrad Bakalarczyk

Footnote: For great video of rut action and a beautiful moose bow kill make sure you watch the video taken of this 2009 hunt at:

For the record this group (which calls itself ‘Team Fake Tree’) used a three-man hunt setup. On this hunt Konrad was the caller/videographer and Dale was the shooter. From his blind Mike watched the whole thing.