Shawn Church's One Antlered 2009 Bull
Shawn Church’s One Antlered 2009 Bull

Gravenhurst, Ontario

Hi Alex.

My wife purchased your Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series for me for Christmas last year. I have been trying to call moose for about the last 15 years with absolutely no success. This year, thanks to your video coaching, I called in a large bull moose on the very first day of hunting — just before the end of the day. He came stomping out of the bush grunting and looking for the lady. He was coming right to me but, as I was almost out of legal shooting time, I had to take him with a longer shot with my rifle. With more time I am positive he would have come in right to me. Unfortunately, he had recently lost a fight and was missing one antler but he is about 22-23 inches from the centre of the head to the outside of his one horn. I’ve attached a picture if you’re interested. Thanks for the great lessons.

Cheers! Shawn Church