Comments From Hunters

From Moose Hunt Outfitter, Jeff Lander

Alex! Your ‘Moose Madness DVD Series On Moose Hunting & Calling’ is a mainstay in our hunt camp. I make all of my guides watch it and it has been a great resource for both beginner and advanced moose callers alike.

I highly recommend this DVD series for those hunters who want to experience success in their moose hunting adventures!

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From Moose Hunter, Harold Hergott

Hi Alex, I am an Ontario moose hunter (bow and arrow exclusively) with 20 years experience. I purchased your Moose Madness Series when it first came out and was totally overwhelmed with both the quality and content! I wish I had it 20 years ago when I first started. You have captured and shown what our group of bowhunters took 20 years to learn; and, of course, you have provided so much more that we would need another 20 years to experience what you have captured so perfectly!

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From Moose Hunter, Ray Miscio

I have hunted moose with good friends for many years and we have enjoyed success over those years – but we are still learning….

In my opinion every moose hunter should own Alex’s “Moose Madness DVD Series” and watch it with his/her hunting partners in preparation for the annual hunt.

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From Moose Hunter, Mike Ostrowski

I purchased your Moose Madness Series over a year ago and repeatedly watch it to pick up on as much as I could…

This year’s harvested Bull was only part of the success for me; I also had responses from 6 other Bulls and my brother had 4. I know that this success came because of the techniques and insight supplied by you in your video series.

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From Moose Hunter, Lewis Clock

The knowledge you share through your initial audio cassette tapes (that I still have ) and now your DVDs is excellent.

Alex, your DVDs have FAR TOO MUCH valuable information to pin point down to specific areas of interest. The ENTIRE series is a ” MUST HAVE ” for any moose hunter from start to finish!

You did a great job!

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From Moose Hunter, Chad Goebel

Repeatedly viewing your DVD’s and watching the close encounters on them allowed me to remain calm up to and including the moment of the actual shot…

I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work in fully covering all aspects of hunting for Moose from A to Z.

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Chucks wolf

From Moose Hunter, Chuck White

My Dad & I have been hunting moose for many years; in fact, with my 37 years of moose hunting and Dad’s 60 years of moose hunting one might say that our personal knowledge of moose hunting has been gleaned from a combined 97 years in the bush.

We agreed that these are by far the most complete and best put together moose hunting instructional video’s we’ve ever seen. This Series is truly a ‘must-have’, ‘must-watch’ video series for moose hunters…

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