Comments From Hunters

Comments From Hunters

From Moose Hunter Angus McKenzie

With the lessons learned from the Moose Madness Series and your moose hunting advice in mind I tried and adjusted mournful and agitated cow calling combined with aggressive bull sounds and found remarkable success in bringing in several different bulls. My experience culminated in arrowing a magnificent Bull Moose that has become recognized as the new No.1 Archery Moose for Ontario.

Without the valuable advice and knowledge imparted through the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series I would not have had the confidence to use such aggressive and other various passive calling tactics during my hunt.

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From Moose Hunter Jim Gerold

I just wanted to thank you for the Moose Madness DVD’s! I can honestly say that without your videos, I would have gone into this hunt completely clueless. The knowledge gained through watching the Moose Madness Series was so, so crucial to pulling off this hunt! I would recommend the Series to anybody who plans on going moose hunting

….Although I originally thought the Series was a bit expensive, your product was absolutely worth every single penny.

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From Moose Hunter Peter Craig

But I ended up buying your Moose Madness DVD Series this September – it was awesome! Attached is a picture of the bull we took this year using your techniques…Thanks again for the great info. It made us all better hunters, learning more in 6 hours than the last 20 years in the field.

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Robert Slote's One-Antler Bull

From Moose Hunter Rev. Rob Slote

Thank you Alex, I had a successful hunt, thanks in part to Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series I purchased from O.F.A.H.

I spent hours watching and re-watching your videos, especially the detailed ‘how to call’ and ‘how to setup your hunt” segments. They served us very well.

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From Moose Hunter Steve Grant

Hi Alex — You ruined our hunting trip this year! We had two responses and got a nice bull within 4 hours of starting our hunt!

For the record the guys told me that because of the echo and the quality of my cow calls (including the water routines), they had to peek to see if it was me calling or a real cow. I thank you again for the additional skills that I learned from you and your Moose Madness Series!

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From Photographer Robert Andersen

Hi Mate — Got my Moose Madness DVDs – THANKS!

1st and foremost – THANK YOU! Here is why….. Many others advertise giving instructional stuff but what you get is crap that teaches nothing and is just a sales pitch.

Your DVDs are instructional; they are GREAT!

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From Moose Hunter Harold Alanen

Hi Alex
I have just finished watching your Moose Madness “Quick Fix” DVD. In my 40 years of moose hunting experience I have collected many of the available moose calling records and tapes over those years, and can say that this one of yours is by far the most comprehensive, easy to follow, and informative moose hunting / calling aid that I have. It is superb!

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Beautiful New Hamshire Bull

From Moose Hunting Guide Chet Adams

I just want to thank you for producing your Moose Madness Series on Moose Hunting & Calling! Since I purchased this DVD series I have learned so much and have used the info in the Series to call in many moose…

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