From Moose Hunter, Patrick Trudel

Aikens Lake, Manitoba

Hi Alex,

Pit Turenne & Patrick Trudel with 2014 Bull
“Your mastery of calling (more like moose-whispering) the largest land mammal in North America is undeniable. The four-disc Moose Madness Series educated me in all aspects of communication with these massive animals.

Being a neophyte to the art of Moose hunting, I and my friends quickly put to use the information learned in the Moose Madness Series, and it became quickly evident that the applied knowledge learned by trying to replicate your teachings produced some fantastic results! For instance, last season, with some expert calling from hunting partner Pit Turenne – also a Gouthro fan – we were able to fool a bull in close enough for me to harvest him with my bow. I had shot one previous bull with a rifle, but the memory of my first moose bow kill will stay with me forever! Anyone who has had a rutting bull in up close & personal like that will know what I’m talking about. What a thrill! This successful hunt was in great part due to our study of the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series. Packed with 6 hours of Alces (Moose) information, moose calling, and techniques and strategies for hunting these lofty animals, this DVD collection is a must for every moose hunter.

Thanks Alex — I’m itching for next fall’s hunt already!

Footnote: Patrick & Pit are ardent sportsmen and are both active in running the operations of the Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge in Manitoba. Contacts can be made