Center Point, Iowa

Dr. Mike Halsor
Dr. Mike Halsor with bull
Alex: My hunting partners and I have been bow hunting moose in Ontario, annually, since 1992. Over the years, I think I have accumulated every moose hunting video ever produced. Your 4-DVD Moose-Madness Series is without a doubt the most complete and informative video series on moose hunting & calling. In my opinion it is must-see video for anyone interested in moose hunting, whether it be with gun or bow. Thank you!

Hello again Alex. When I heard that you had received an award for your new Gouthro’s Moose Madness ‘Quick-Fix DVD I purchased it right away. I thought it was fabulous. Very, very informative on how to hunt moose; not just full of “kill shots”. Hey, you have some BIG bulls on this video. I particularly was interested in the vocalizations of the cow as she neared your stand site, and how you later used these sounds to lure in the close ‘hung-up’ bull — Very cool! There’s a lot to be learned from that. You’ve outdone yourself with this one!

………………… Mike