Spokane, Washington

Hi Alex,

40 & 41 Jay St Onge - 2008 BullJust thought I’d fill you in on how my hunts went since purchasing your Moose Madness Series back in 2007. First, I learned how to call using your instruction. The video’s are extremely helpful both in how to set up the hunt when calling as well as the how’s and when’s to call, and what call to use. In fact the Moose Madness videos’ were instrumental in me calling in a Washington Shiras Moose for my hunting partner in 2007. The knowledge learned from these video’s were the key to success in that hunt; and, while putting your techniques into practice on this hunt, we also developed a pretty good understanding of Moose behavior. It was a great hunt.

Having this knowledge and experience helped us considerably when we went to Northern Alberta on a guided Moose hunt in 2008, where we both took tremendous bulls (55″ & 50″). We were ready for the hunt, and the guides were impressed with my ability to call and our knowledge of Moose behavior — all learned from your video’s and our Washington experience. I did some calling while hunting with them, and we ended up taking the two magnificent bulls. I’m enclosing a pic of my 55″ bull; I hope you like the photo. I am now looking forward to drawing a tag soon here in Washington myself.
Thank you so much for producing such a great informational series on how to call and hunt Moose.


Hey Alex — Drew the Washington tag and attached is pic of my 2009 Washington Moose. This has been three years in a row now Moose hunting, 2007 with my buddy Bob and 2009 for mine, both here in Washington and 2008 in Alberta. Once again I used the Moose madness techniques and calling advice and called in and killed a great Washington Moose. He’s 45″ wide with triple brows on each side, so he’s a pretty good Shiras. Thanks again for all your help and for putting together a great informational series.

Sincerely, Jay St. Onge.