Harris, MN

Jesse Voight's Bull Moose
Jesse Voight’s Bull Moose
Alex: Thought I would share our results from our first moose hunt.
3 Hunters
2 bull tags
0 experience Moose hunting , 0 Guides
Unseasonably warm weather (75 degrees for 8 straight days)
4 months of watching the ‘Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series’ over and over!

We called in and harvested a 49 2/8″ Bull on the opening day and shot a 42″ Bull a few days later — all with traditional archery equipment in the Red Lake area. The First Bull we called in did a “roar” at 60 yards and came in another 20 yards before we put a arrow in it. He was swaying and grunting all the way in. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for all the great info in your ‘Moose Madness’ videos. They prepared us well for the hunt! Jesse

Footnote: Jesse is a dedicated bowhunter who believes in solid preparation for any hunt. In his ‘spare time’ he runs a Outfitting Business for Trophy Whitetails in Saskatchewan, Canada. He can be reached by phone at 651-755-1925.