Thunder Bay, Ontario

42 Bob Pearce's BullI have worked, guided and hunted with Alex, off and on, for over two decades. I can attest to the fact that Alex is the quintessential teacher and I am pleased to have been part of the Moose Madness productions. Alex has the happy knack of being able to combine his personal experiences with those of his hunting partners to fashion outdoor instructional videos that reflect many, many years of cumulative experience. He never stops learning himself and his ‘Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling’ is truly comprehensive. The techniques & tactics taught work, and this Series is a ‘must purchase’ for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to learn about moose for pure pleasure or photography purposes, and especially for the hunter who wants to become ‘expert’ in moose hunting & calling.

Sometimes ‘Lady Luck’ throws an opportunity at you and you only have to know how to take advantage of the opportunity to achieve success. The bull moose shown here was taken on such a hunt. Alex & I were scouting out a new lake for an outfitter and decided to check out a wooded area off the lake. On pulling our boat up on shore we decided that I should carry a bow while we did our scouting – just in case. About a minute later I heard a soft grunt in the bush and signaled Alex who then motioned to me to move ahead and set up behind a big rock. He then fell back a bit and softly cow called; the bull immediately responded and came directly to the call. I closed the deal with a clean double-lung shot as the bull passed me at about 20 yards. He went only another 50 yards before expiring. The whole hunt from start to finish lasted only six to seven minutes — tops! Knowing how to handle different situations like this is key to successful moose hunting, and following the advice in the Moose Madness Series can help give you this advantage.

Footnote: Hunting partner Bob Pearce was a major help in the construction of parts of the Moose Madness Series, particularly the chapter on setting up and conducting the calling hunt. His advice also often found its place in many of the other edited parts of the Series.