From Moose Hunter Steve Grant

Fort Erie, Ontario

19 Steve Grant's Successful HuntHi Alex — You ruined our hunting trip this year! We had two responses and got a nice bull within 4 hours of starting our hunt! The boys say that then won’t allow me to call anymore on future hunts during the first two days. Ha! I’ll just have to get better with my camera for those days!

We have never had so much action in such a short time. The boy that we got came in from 1.5 to 2 km away. He walked down a shore line and swam 800m to an island. He hit the back of the island and then came out on our side, where we had a great view of him trotting down the shoreline of the island grunting up a storm. When he was out of sight on the island I turned my decoy so that he could get a good profile of it when he reappeared. He looked over towards where I was calling, picked his place to swim the next 400m to give me a kiss, and the boys took him down when he came ashore on the mainland. What an experience! I’ll always wonder how close he would have come in had he not been taken so soon, but I was very happy to provide the chance for one of the young bucks to take him down. It was a great calling experience.

As we discussed at the Toronto Sportsman Show, once again we got our moose about 11:00 am. They call me a hard core hunter because I won’t go in for lunch, but we have got all of our moose during the time when most go back to camp for lunch and fishing. I am glad of this because it sucks to clean an animal at night.

For the record the guys told me that because of the echo and the quality of my cow calls (including the water routines), they had to peek to see if it was me calling or a real cow. I thank you again for the additional skills that I learned from you and your Moose Madness Series!