From Moose Hunter Rev. Rob Slote

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Thank you Alex,

Robert Slote's One-Antler Bull

Robert Slote’s One-Antler Bull

I had a successful hunt, thanks in part to Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series I purchased from O.F.A.H.

On Thanksgiving Monday the calling proved successful, but in a different way. I used the setup suggested and was near the waters edge with my boys set up around me. I heard a twig snap and looked up with my 45-70 in hand only to see to see two wolves sneaking in. They came to within seven meters — A few yelps and they were off. You were not kidding that calling can be dangerous! Thanks for all the warnings.

Today my hunting partner, Jack Ford and I put up two bulls, the first at 35 yards that gave us no shot opportunities, and the second a few moments later — what we believe to be the sparing partner of the first bull. A well placed shot put him down — You’ll notice the missing antler.

I spent hours watching and re-watching your videos, especially the detailed ‘how to call’ and ‘how to setup your hunt” segments. They served us very well.

PS Let me know if you are doing any seminars in the area, or if you might be interested. WMU28 is a real hot spot for moose hunters. 705 567 5669

Footnote: Rev. Slote’s young bull was unusual in that the complete left antler had been broken off – most probably in a fight. His wolf experience was also unique in that few hunters actually see wolves, although in their quest for food wolves will often come to check out hunters who are cow calling.