From Moose Hunting Guide Chet Adams

Andover, NH

Hello Alex

Beautiful New Hamshire Bull

Beautiful New Hamshire Bull

My name is Chet Adams and I live in NH. You may remember me as we have emailed each other a few times in the past. This time I just want to thank you for producing your Moose Madness Series on Moose Hunting & Calling! Since I purchased this DVD series I have learned so much and have used the info in the Series to call in many moose – now including a very nice 5 1/2 year old bull that was shot right out from under me while I was calling 2010.

I first heard this bull from a couple hundred yards away; he didn’t want to come in at first and the first thing I heard after my series of calls was the tree knock! I knew immediately from your DVDs what the noise was and said to myself “this bull is timid and doesn’t want to come in”. So I tried something that was not mentioned in your section on tree knocks, but was mentioned in your section on adding aggressive routines where you advise the caller to always sound like a younger, smaller bull. So that’s what I did – I knocked on a tree myself – a very soft knock to tell the other bull I was also timid and nervous. What happened next was awesome! I never thought this bull’s confidence would change so fast – but it did! The bull started coming down the hill – raking bushes and grunting on the way. He continued this the entire way, and as he got closer and closer I prepared myself to get some good video as he approached a clearing where I would have a good view of him. Then suddenly shots rang out …. Bang! …. Bang! …. Bang! THIS SCARED THE BEJESUS OUT OF ME! A shooter had just shot my bull before I could get him on video — Unknown to me the shooter had been hidden only 74 yards away, just out of view from me — a complete surprise!

Despite the unusual ending, calling this bull in made this a great day for me. I guess the moral of my story is — Thank you so much!


Footnote: Chet is an experienced moose caller and runs moose videoing tours and acts as a guide for moose hunters through his business There is an excellent demonstration of his skills on the following YouTube link where he calls in a 2 1/2 year old bull up close & personal.

Chet can be reached by phone at 603-344-2438.