From Moose Hunter Peter Craig

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

16 Peter Craig's Hunt Party With 2011 BullHi Alex finally got a chance to e-mail you. I’m not sure if you remember our phone conversation, but I ended up buying your Moose Madness DVD Series this September – it was awesome! Attached is a picture of the bull we took this year using your techniques; I’m leaning on the trailer and clockwise you see hunting partners Rick Thurston, Kent Craig (my father) and Ray Stewart.

I spent two nights watching the footage and practicing some of the calling techniques and despite 20 years of moose hunting I still learned a pile of great info. You have a call for every situation.

On Sept 19th my father and I set up in a new cut following some of your tips and I began a calling sequence. Within minutes we had a young bull on his way. The great part of the story is the bull hung up at about 40 yards and I broke into your agitated cow call. Well that sealed the deal! He put his head down and came in grunting to 13 yards. After I shot him with a well placed-arrow he only went to the edge of the cut before he dropped.
In closing, without the knowledge from those DVDs I would have never got that shot. The calling options learned saved the day and six families are enjoying moose meat this winter. Will be in touch to order the next DVD this summer.

Thanks again for the great info. It made us all better hunters, learning more in 6 hours than the last 20 years in the field. Keep up the great work — best info I have bought yet.

Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.