From Moose Hunter Harold Alanen

Thunder Bay, Ontario

22 Harold Alanen With Nice BullHi Alex

I have just finished watching your Moose Madness “Quick Fix” DVD. In my 40 years of moose hunting experience I have collected many of the available moose calling records and tapes over those years, and can say that this one of yours is by far the most comprehensive, easy to follow, and informative moose hunting / calling aid that I have. It is superb!

Your use of excellent video footage to support your calling instruction and the setting up of calling hunts are all that the beginning hunter (or veteran) needs to to be able to attract bulls or cows to the hunting area and get them in up close. Your advice on handling bull moose responses is unique and should help many hunters ‘close the deal’. Even though I am not a “moose caller” or a bowhunter, in my thousands of hours in the bush hunting moose I have witnessed many of the things you reflect on in the DVD.

Great job!

Footnote: Harold is a highly experienced woodsman who normally hunts moose by tracking them later in the season.