Minden, Ontario

46 Ray Miscio - 2007 MOOSE HUNTI have hunted moose with good friends for many years and we have enjoyed success over those years – but we are still learning. I have recently had the opportunity to watch, with my family and other hunting partners, the “Moose Madness DVD Series” and was very impressed with Alex’s knowledge and understanding of moose vocalization and behaviour.

In my opinion every moose hunter should own Alex’s “Moose Madness DVD Series” and watch it with his/her hunting partners in preparation for the annual hunt. It is packed full of information, instruction and tips that can only increase your chances at success in the field.

For anyone who enjoys moose hunting as much as I do, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, this DVD series will make your blood pressure rise in the anticipation of calling in the big one with more confidence than ever.

Thank You …