Windsor, Ontario


49 Chad Goebel's Fine BullI know I mentioned to you prior to last season the success our moose group has enjoyed in bowhunting moose since purchasing your DVD’s but I don’t recall if I had notified you of my personal success last year while moose hunting. After a number of enjoyable close encounters during the last few years I was finally successful myself in harvesting a bull moose during the archery season while using the techniques and hunting practices outlined by you in your DVD series . I was able to call in this animal to within 18 yards and make a broadside double lung shot that put the animal down quickly.

Repeatedly viewing your DVD’s and watching the close encounters on them allowed me to remain calm up to and including the moment of the actual shot. After the reality of the situation sunk in however, I quickly became unglued, but in a good way. I began shaking uncontrollably and could not stop for several minutes. It was the most exhilarating adrenaline rush I have experienced to this day in my hunting adventures. I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work in fully covering all aspects of hunting for Moose from A to Z. I have experienced success in the past while hunting moose with the rifle, but these DVD’s have allowed me to experience Moose hunting on a whole other level. I am so looking forward to this year’s hunt.

Best of luck to you in the upcoming season!