Chucks wolf
Chucks wolf
My Dad & I have been hunting moose for many years; in fact, with my 37 years of moose hunting and Dad’s 60 years of moose hunting one might say that our personal knowledge of moose hunting has been gleaned from a combined 97 years in the bush.

This past Christmas we watched your Moose Madness Series together and I must say that we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and were most surprised at the knowledge and research evident in the Series. We agreed that these are by far the most complete and best put together moose hunting instructional video’s we’ve ever seen. This Series is truly a ‘must-have’, ‘must-watch’ video series for moose hunters, especially for first-time moose hunters or those hunters making the transition from rifle to bow hunting. In any case, any moose hunter, regardless of experience, will get valuable information from this Series.

In our opinion you have successfully demonstrated many of the different ways to successfully hunt moose anywhere in North America. By spending just a few hours with your videos the hunter can gain years of knowledge from someone who has spend a lifetime calling, hunting, studying, and capturing moose on still and video cameras. This is a video series that moose hunters can turn to at the beginning of every moose hunting season for some great refreshers.

Very well done! … Congrats on a fine video series!

Footnote: Chuck White was brought up hunting in NFLD and has harvested many moose with both the gun and bow. He is credited with being the first Canadian to take a wolf (picture above) with a longbow.