Operations Manager,  Foxpro Inc.

Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series

9 Steve Dillon Alaska 12-06The Moose Madness DVD series by Alex Gouthro is a spectacular example of the way a tutorial should be done on DVD.  I must say I am generally not a fan of multiple DVD sets but this one is an exception. This set is logically and thoughtfully broken down into very manageable sections and chapters. It covers a plethora of subjects including moose habitat, the Rut, bull and cow vocalizations, passive and aggressive calling techniques, creation of calling sequences, hunting setups, moose anatomy & shot placement and much more.

The Moose Madness Series has a fabulous tutorial on how you can create the vocalizations of moose yourself and when to use them; however, you should understand that mastering the art of creating the moose vocalizations takes practice before vocally calling on any hunt.  But the effort will be worth it because you will have great joy with your new found talent, knowing that you can now attempt to call these majestic animals in with some confidence. With this DVD set in your collection you will have a great resource with which to gauge your progress.

I have been recording wildlife for a long time and understand the importance of understanding animal vocalizations. This comprehensive video series certainly develops this understanding when it comes to moose.  In fact, we at Foxpro Inc. are presently working on many more moose call vocalizations to offer our customers, many of which are discussed and demonstrated in the Moose Madness Series.  In fact, I feel that this series would be an excellent companion to our new moose vocalizations.  Our electronic call will easily allow you produce the calls and other sounds of rutting moose, but you still need to have a sound knowledge of the moose rut, an understanding of moose vocalizations, and how to conduct your moose hunt in order to effectively put the calls to good use.   The Moose Madness Series gets you on the fast track in gaining this knowledge!

If you are planning a moose hunt this series should be on your short list of DVD’s to watch. The extensive footage of moose in their natural environment alone makes the series a worthwhile purchase.

Happy Hunting and Good Shooting!

Note:  Steve Dillon, Operations Manager at Foxpro Inc. has been recording wildlife for many years, both as a sound specialist and a videographer.  The picture accompanying this review shows him recording in the interior of Alaska in December of 2006 — the temperature was minus 30 degrees F.     www.gofoxpro.com