‘Remington World Moose Calling Champion’

A Must For The Moose Hunting Library!

KC Demonstrating The Moose mag
KC Demonstrating The Moose mag

There are many DVDs on moose hunting & calling on the market today; however, for my money the most comprehensive is the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling.  This 6-Hour, Four-DVD series is produced by my good friend and fellow expert moose caller & hunter Alex Gouthro, and he leaves nothing out.  His passion for moose really comes through in this DVD series; and, as an avid moose hunter & caller for over 40 years myself I share in this passion – It is truly ‘Moose Madness’!  Of particular note in the series are the chapters that teach an understanding of the moose rut, the nuances of calling, the setting up of hunts, and handling bull moose responses.  There are also excellent chapters on the use of decoys and moose anatomy & shot placement; and, the whole series is filled with valuable tips for the moose hunter covering a wide variety of topics such as silent communications while on the hunt, use of binoculars, and even some field dressing tips.  This is action-packed instruction – you get to see what is talked about; and, with my experience I can attest to the fact that this instruction is accurate!  This DVD series would be a fine addition to any Moose hunter’s library.

More recently Alex has come out with his Gouthro’s Moose Madness ‘Quick-Fix’ For The Hunter, a two-hour DVD that, while not as comprehensive as the full Series, covers all the essentials for the hunter.  After a short introduction, the chapters in the ‘Quick-Fix’ version include ‘understanding the moose rut’, ‘passive & aggressive calling techniques’, ‘setting up & conducting the hunt’, ‘recognizing & handling bull moose responses’, and ‘closing comments & tips’.  Of particular value are the new tips on how to handle ‘hung-up’ bulls.  This DVD just won a prestigious award, placing second in the Television/Video category of the Ontario Writers of Canada 2009 Communications Awards; and, like the Series, this DVD belongs in every any hunting library.

Alex & I regularly cross paths when we are both involved doing moose hunting/calling seminars at various places, and we often get a chance to discuss calling techniques and equipment.  These conversations can sometimes be almost as good as being on a real hunt. Congratulations Alex!  It is a pleasure to see a respected friend come out with such fine videos.

Note:  Champion moose caller K.C. (Ken) Caping won the Remington World Moose Calling Championship in 2003 and has been producing world-class moose calling horns for over 10 years under the trade name K.C.’s Moose Mags.  He can be reached by Email at:  kcsmoosemags@rogers.com and by phone at 519-405-0101 (evenings) or 519-469-3351 (days).