Howey Bay Resort

Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series

7 Al Bresette -- Howey Bay Resort MooseHarvest.I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt moose for the past 35 years and, in addition, to have have worked with hunters as an outfitter for 20 of those years.

When I reviewed the Moose Madness Series I was amazed at how well Alex had truly captured the essence of moose and moose hunting.  His presentation is very professionally accurate and exceptionally informative.  When viewing the DVDs at times I felt that I was right beside Alex while he called and filmed in the woods or from the shores of lakes.  The dozens of bull moose you see coming to the call in this series provide proof of the authenticity of the techniques and tactics presented.

From my perspective every moose hunter, from the novice to the very experienced, would benefit from having a copy of the Moose Madness Series in his/her library.  Despite my experience, my knowledge base certainly expanded as a result of watching this series, particularly in the areas of understanding the moose rut, calling techniques, and handling the various types of bull responses.  These DVDs can prepare any hunter for his/her moose hunt.

Footnote:  Dave and his wife Marg provide both home-based and fly-in fishing and hunting opportunities through Howey Bay  Resort, Red Lake, Ontario —