Review By Creig Dougherty – National Board Chairman

Quality Deer Management Association

“Moose Madness” Worth A Dozen Hunts

Craig Dougherty

Craig Dougherty

There are two ways to becoming a good moose hunter: take a dozen or so hunts with Alex Gouthro or, spend a few hours with the Gouthro’s Moose Madness DVD Series. The hunts will cost you a small fortune; the DVD Series under a hundred bucks.

Alex is an experienced guide, outfitter, hunter and professional student of the moose. More importantly he is an experienced and passionate educator who has packaged a lifetime of moose knowledge in an easy to understand and entertaining six-hour DVD package.

Unlike most teaching products, Moose Madness has excellent production values. The DVDs are downright thrilling to watch and the calling sequences are exceptional in tone and accuracy. Moose behavior is documented in painstaking (but not painful) detail which is simply captivating to watch. It took Alex several years of filming in the bush to capture the footage but it was worth every black fly bite.

I’ve hunted with Alex and can state first hand “the man knows how to hunt moose”. Hunting with Alex taught me more about hunting moose than I had learned in years of reading and preparation — until now. The Moose Madness Series taught me more about moose and moose hunting than I could learn on a dozen trips to the bush; even with Alex.

Fortunately, we now can all become “moose experts” (or at least a whole bunch more knowledgeable) without even swatting a single black fly. The Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series is the most comprehensive treatise on moose biology, moose rut behavior, and moose hunting & calling ever assembled. The chapter on ‘Moose Anatomy & Shot Placement’ is the best treatment of that subject I’ve ever seen. It is dollar for dollar the best purchase a moose hunter and/or enthusiast could ever make – bar none.

Don’t take your next moose hunt without first spending some time with Alex in the comfort of your living room. You’ll be well prepared for your hunt!

Craig Dougherty

Craig Dougherty is exceptionally well known in bowhunting circles; and, aside from being the National Board Chairman of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), he is a co-founder of ‘North Country Whitetails’ and operates as a marketing consultant for hunting-related manufacturers.