‘Professional Hunter’, Bass Pro Shops – Gortex – Mossy Oak

“You’ve Got To Get This Series!”

3 Bob Foulkrod With  MooseI’ve recently reviewed the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling and can honestly say that it is one of the best series on hunting a particular species I have ever seen.  Alex takes you on a journey that allows you to get to know moose very well, and chapters on understanding the moose rut, how and when to call, how to set up hunts, and how to recognize & handle bull responses get you ready for the hunt.  There is a unique treatment of understanding moose anatomy & the techniques used for proper shot placement that should be required viewing for every new moose hunter.  The DVDs covering the calling, hunt setups and handling bull responses are peppered with “Tips” to help the hunter avoid making common mistakes made by moose hunters, and all instruction is backed up with great moose footage to illustrate what is being talked about.

This man knows what he is talking about, and I’ve personally seen him in action.  Back in 1993 Alex guided me on an Ontario bow hunt, and called in the first bull moose I ever killed.  The bull came grunting from over half a mile away and swam across a lake to get to us.   His techniques and tactics work, and the Moose Madness Series belongs in every hunter’s DVD library.

Bob Foulkrod

Note:  Bob Foulkrod has been a professional bowhunter, caribou and bear hunt guide, and outdoors writer for much of his life.  He is a member of the Bowhunter’s Hall Of Fame and is presently enjoying life as a professional hunter for Bass Pro Shops, hunting for big game all over the world each year.  His hunts are regularly televised on Bass Pro’s “Outdoor World”, Gortex’s “Outdoor Adventures”,  and Mossy Oak’s “Hunting The Country” TV programs. A natural-born educator, Bob still takes time out from his hunting to run the Bob Foulkrod  Bowhunting School each year at his home ranch in Troy, PA.  www.bobfoulkrod.com