Review By Bob Eastman

CEO – Eastman Outdoors, Inc.

Gouthro’s Moose Madness DVDs

11 BobEastman - BongoHunting moose is a major investment of both money and time.  The vision of your hunt, of course, is to first get that moose into shooting range.  In my opinion, the ‘Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series On Moose Hunting & Calling’ is one of the best investments a hunter could make to increase the odds of making that happen and having a successful moose hunt.  It is the best hunting video series I have ever seen.

My advice is:  Get your copy now!  Your dream of moose hunting success can only be enhanced by spending a few hours with the ‘Moose Madness’ instruction and advice from well-known Canadian moose hunter and guide Alex Gouthro.

Good Moose Hunting!

Note:  Bob Eastman is the CEO of Eastman Outdoors, Inc. which sells a wide variety of hunting and archery accessories, including Carbon Express arrows, through Eastman Outfitters, Inc. and Gorilla Tree Stands, Inc.

Bob is himself a celebrity Safari Club Bowhunter who was the first person to ever harvest all 29 Gun Grand Slam species of African animals with a bow – one of the greatest bowhunting achievements of all time.