Moose Madness Series™ Disk One

Moose Madness 1 is divided into ten sections. This DVD gives you all the necessary knowledge and background to fully appreciate the instruction on the passive and aggressive calling techniques, the setting up of calling hunts, and the handling of bull responses — all covered in Moose Madness 2 and Moose Madness 3.

Moose Madness Series Disc 1

Breakdown of the MM Disk 1 Chapters (Minutes/Seconds)

First Play (1:49)
Introduction To MM1 (5:26)

Part One — Getting To Know Moose
Moose Characteristics (3:58)
Moose Sub-Species & Sizes (5:23)
Moose Identification (6:21)
Moose Habitat (9:06)
Moose Survival (17:01)
Part Two — Understanding The Moose Rut
Cow “Rut” Behaviour (7:04)
Bull “Rut” Behaviour (35:50)
MM1 Closing Comments & Film (5:48)

Total DVD Length: Approximately 98 Minutes