Moose Madness 'Series' Overview

A Gouthro's Moose Madness™ Production

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Moose Madness 1, Moose Madness 2, and Moose Madness 3 are each about 100 minutes in length, giving the viewer five hours of action-packed instructional video on moose hunting & calling, with each DVD chapter building on the knowledge gained in previous chapters.

These three videos are filled with expert moose calling instruction, moose hunt setup instruction, and sound advice on how to recognize and handle bull responses in the field.

This instruction is accompanied by exciting live moose video designed to take you along the road to becoming an expert moose hunter & caller. The visual impact of this video, whether it be cow moose introducing their calves to water, or bulls grunting, digging rut pits, and/or beating up bushes with their antlers while coming to the call,  will leave a lasting impression on all viewers.

The many 'Tips' that are contained in these videos are invaluable -- representing years of experience accumulated by Alex Gouthro and his friends. Equally invaluable are the chapters devoted to the 'use of decoys' and 'moose anatomy & shot placement'.

Moose Madness Bonus is a 63 minute, fun-packed addition to the Gouthro's Moose Madness Series. The 'First Play' opens with Alex finishing off a nice bull on an archery hunt in Nova Scotia. Then you get to meet the key players in the making of the series, watch a couple of other successful hunts, learn some different field-dressing techniques, and review some considerations about equipment that can be useful to the moose hunter or videographer.

For more complete descriptions of what each DVD in the Gouthro's Moose Madness Series covers, go to their specific web pages -- starting with Moose Madness 1 at the bottom of this page.

Before you do that, however, take a look at the two videos below to get a flavor for the Moose Madness Series. These are two of eight videos that you can watch by going through the Moose Madness Web Site.

The videos are identified below by their video number. Click To Activate!

Video 1: 'First Play' Example

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Video 2: Moose Madness Overview

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