Moose Madness Series™ Disk Three

Moose Madness 3 is divided into eight sections. This DVD first teaches the aggressive techniques used by the experts when calling and/or responding to answers from bull moose — where the caller mimics the bull moose in rut. It then gives an in-depth look at the various types of bull responses one can expect during the moose rut — and how to handle the various types of these bull responses when hunting or filming.

As in Moose Madness 2, there are many Moose Madness 3 ‘Tips’ to help build on the viewer’s knowledge, and the chapters on the ‘Use Of Decoys’ and ‘Anatomy & Shot Placement’ are invaluable for both novice and experienced moose hunters.

Moose Madness Series Disk 3

Breakdown of the MM3 Chapters (Minutes/Seconds)

First Play (1:51)
Introduction To MM1 (6:02)
Aggressive Techniques (7:19)
Handling Bull Responses (33:24)
Moose Madness 3 ‘Tips’ (15:10)
Use Of Decoys (9:16)
Anatomy & Shot Placement (23:32)
MM3 Closing Comments & Film (2:56)

Total DVD Length: Approximately 100 Minutes