Glasgow, MT

Hi Alex

3 Steve Schindler's 2013 Bull - CopyLet me tell you that your Moose madness DVD Series was just what we needed to help us get ready for our 2013 moose hunt. Hunting partners Ron Cortese, Greg Durward and I spent 10 great days hunting moose through Howey Bay Resorts out of Red Lake, Ontario this year.

Following your advice day one was spent scouting and getting set up in a couple of places on our fly-in lake. We found good sign, including moose scat and rut pits. On day two I called from an island and a bull responded to my calling from a ridge, coming to the call grunting with each step. He was a mature bull and when he hit the shoreline he looked at the decoy we had set up and started to swim to the island. Unfortunately, when he got about 100 yards from us he caught our scent – did an about turn, and swam back from where he had come from. Exciting just the same! Day three on the island produced no results.

On day four we decided to give the island a rest and switched to the South Bay you recommended, with Ron doing the calling at this site. As you know there are two creeks in the South Bay and we set up on the northern creek on the Bay. We did hear a horn knock in the morning and actually saw a cow feeding at the Bay’s southern creek in the evening so things were looking pretty good. We left quietly that evening were back in our spots before daylight the next morning.

Ron was again the caller and I was set up about 100 yards from him. Greg was covering another possible shoreline spot where a bull responding to calls might pass. About 7am Ron heard two bulls fighting – briefly banging their antlers against each other and then silence. About a half hour later we saw a bull walking down the shoreline – stopping only to look back to where we had heard the antlers banging together. He actually stayed there looking back for about 15 minutes before resuming his journey towards us, entering the timber again as he moved in. The bull passed Greg in the timber within 50-60 yards from him but Greg only heard the bull. The bull was making so much noise Greg wondered if he was going to get trampled. After passing Greg the bull again hit the shoreline and saw our decoy. He headed for the decoy as if he were on a string, grunting all the way. I got in position so that I was set up in the bush downwind and simply waited for the bull to pass me. I made a classic shot with my longbow, getting full penetration with the arrow at 12 yards; the bull went about 100 yards before expiring. You can bet we were pumped!

We did have another close encounter before our hunt ended, but made a couple of errors and the bull involved won that round. That’s hunting!

We’ve learned that moose hunting in the bush is a team effort – and your Moose Madness DVD’s – especially the 6-hour DVD Series – greatly helps the hunter to put everything into perspective. I consider these DVDs to be ‘must have’ items for any moose hunter. Thank you for your help!

Steve Schindler