From Moose Hunter, Steve Grant

Fort Erie, Ontario

Hi Alex,

23 Steve Grant With Nice BullI have been moose hunting for 22 years now. I have had the privilege of teaching my youngest brother John survival, camping, and hunting skills since he was young. I am now blessed to be able to hunt with him and my two sons, Ben & Clay. They have been moose hunting with me since they were twelve. Moose season is the time of the year we anxiously look forward to all year long.

I have shot my share of moose over the years, and most people who know me consider me an accomplished moose hunter. But now I get more satisfaction out of calling moose in for the boys than I do shooting them myself. I have had many bulls respond to my calling over the years; however, a good number of them I never actually saw. Frankly, I have often been frustrated with bulls getting “hung up” and not knowing how to handle these situations. I always wanted to bow hunt moose but all the shots that I had while gun hunting were 100+ yards, and knew I had to learn more to get bulls within bow hunting range.

I talked to as many reliable hunters as I knew, trying to gain knowledge from their hunting experiences. Within our own moose hunting group, after we got a moose down, we would sit and talk about all of the things that we heard and saw — trying to learn as much as we could from our own experiences. We would buy videos and try different techniques with varying degrees of success. Then I heard about ‘Moose Madness’ helping bow hunters so I got a copy of the Shockey’s Moose Madness video. I was soooo disappointed. All it was was Jim Shockey taking people around and basically showing the kill shots! I learned nothing.

After more searching I came across your “Gouthro’s Moose Madness” web site. I wasn’t sure if I should lay out any more money to add to my video collection — but the thirst for more knowledge made me take the plunge and I bought the Series – and am I ever glad that I did! I learned so many different techniques that I hadn’t seen in any of the other videos in my collection. I had never before heard moose make some of the sounds that you demonstrate, but after seeing you bring in one bull after the other to close proximities I had to try them. I practiced for hours in my back yard, driving both my neighbors and my dogs crazy. I bought a decoy and could hardly sleep for two weeks before hunting season.

This year I was calling for my brother and my oldest son trying to bring a moose across for one of them. On the third day I saw a bull coming down a mountain to the swamp about 600 yards away. He was coming right down wind of me and the boys were on the other side of the bush line. I grabbed my mare in heat and sprayed it in the air every once in a while. He would come in a little way and put his head down to eat. He didn’t seem too interested. I started with the plaintiff moaning that I learned from your video. He responded! I did this several times. As he got closer I could see him eyeballing the decoy. I was only behind some alders and basically in plain sight. I called him into 50 yards before deciding to shoot. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to. It was a good sized bull and I thought that the meat might be tough. I’m glad that I did though. The meat was amazing and so was the experience. Getting a bull in that close is what I have longed to do ever since I started moose hunting.

I doubt if I could have compiled all of the information you have in your Moose Madness Series in a lifetime. There are sections of the Series that I watch over and over every year before I go hunting, and every time I pick up small details that I hadn’t noticed before. I think the only thing that would be better than your Series would be to actually hunt with you personally.

You can be sure that I’m taking my bow next year!