From Moose Hunter, Marlin Birkland

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Marlin Birkland's 2010 Bull

Marlin Birkland’s 2010 Bull

Hi Alex. I was very excited to draw a limited-entry moose tag in Central Saskatchewan for a hunt during the rut. It was my first moose hunt and I needed to learn as much as possible on moose in the months before the season. After searching thru the Internet for advice on calling moose, I came across an ad for the Moose Madness Series. After a phone call, you had the DVDs to me in a week. I found the DVD set very informative and the instruction easy to follow. You made learning to call using just your voice easy!
After much scouting my hunting partner and I found what seemed to be a good area for moose along a lake. On the evening of the second day of the hunt, using your tips and calling with just my voice, I was able to call in and take this nice 36″ bull. It was a great experience, but hunters should be warned though, because these calling technique’s pose their own set of challenges. When a bull comes into your calls and stops at just 12 yards away –like my bull — you’d better be ready!

Footnote: Marlin is an avid sportsman who can be reached through where he works.