From Moose Hunter, Justin Moss

Springfield, Illinois

Good Day Alex,

26 Juston Moss Bull Moose 2010I thought I would share our recent moose hunt success with you from our Ear Falls ‘Woman River’ Ontario hunt.

We arrived Oct 10th and as non-resident had to wait until Monday to hunt. After two fruitless days I chose a spot to hunt and dropped my son on a point of a peninsula. He saw a cow/calf combo about 6:25 on a distant island and could hear moose noises. A few minutes later a nice bull came out – he gave a couple cow calls and bull looked his way. Then cow and calf went back into bush and bull followed. My son thought — “what have I got to lose” — and started brush thrashing, bull grunting and cow calling. The bull came back out – gave a look and then dove in and swam 500 yards right to my son! I showed up 5 minutes after he had shot it and we had a few whoops and holler’s for sure!
I had been chewing on my son’s rear for not watching your tapes enough – but it appears he paid more attention than I thought! This is the second bull moose he has taken.

I called in at least 2 other bulls on the hunt but they came in downwind as you suggested they often do, and unfortunately the bush was too dense to see them before they winded us.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting together some great training tapes — I feel they were a big part of our success!