From Moose Hunter, Gene Lagomarsino

While researching guides I came across a review of the Gouthro’s Moose Madness DVD Series in Bowhunter Magazine so I purchased them. This turned out to be a great investment as both my hunting partner and I agreed that this was the most educational and best instructional hunting video series we have ever watched.

This bull was actually the third bull we had called in…

From Moose Hunter, Dave Clark

I just got home last weekend (9/29) from my Quebec Moose hunt. It rained every day and the temperatures were very warm so the rut activity was very low…

Despite our lack of success this year, I feel that your Moose Madness DVD set fully prepared me for the hunt.

From Moose Hunter, Dana Brackins

I have been hunting for over 30 years and have many, many times purchased so-called educational-type videos to try to learn all about the species that I am going to be hunting. In all those years I have never seen anything as comprehensive as the four- part DVD set making up the Gouthro’s Moose Madness Series…I felt I was there — learning all the secrets of a professional moose hunting guide & caller.

From Moose Hunter, Shane Baker

I fully believe the success of that day is attributed to watching the Moose Madness DVD’s. With the proper instruction, it all came together. I highly recommend viewing these DVD’s. Regardless of your experience, it will give you more insight and success in the field.

From Moose Hunter Rick Guyatt

Your DVD Series is the most comprehensive I have found in 10 years of research and reading on the subject of moose and moose hunting…

The content is presented in a logical sequence and chaptered for quick reference to specific subject areas. This makes the series appropriate for both the novice and the experienced moose hunter.