From Moose Hunter Steve Schindler

We’ve learned that moose hunting in the bush is a team effort – and your Moose Madness DVD’s – especially the 6-hour DVD Series – greatly helps the hunter to put everything into perspective. I consider these DVDs to be ‘must have’ items for any moose hunter. Thank you for your help!

From Moose Hunter Brett Bodnarchuck

Alex, thank you for creating such an informative series on how to properly hunt and call for moose. It was one of the main factors in my success this year, and greatly helped in making this one of my most successful and memorable hunts to date. I would highly recommend the Moose Madness Series to any new moose hunters, and also those experienced moose hunters wanting to become experts in their moose hunting & calling.

From Moose Hunter John Bulanda

I just want to thank you again for another successful hunt. Last year my son shot a trophy bull which was brought in using your calling techniques. This year it was my turn and I was lucky enough to shoot another trophy moose. We were hunting near water again – and had set up our hunt at the tip of a bay. The night before my lucky day we made a series of loud cow broadcast calls and, as you call it, “primed the pump”.

From Moose Hunter, Jay St Onge

Alex, wanted to let you know I had another successful year using the techniques I learned in your Moose Madness video’s…Thanks again for everything I learned from your video’s, these are an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone who draws a Moose tag.